About Gerry

Gerry Finley-Day is a hugely prolific Brish comic book writer. He is best known as the creator of Rogue Trooper but also worked on several other series which appeared in 2000AD including Harry Twenty on the High Rock, Dan Dare, Invasion, M.A.C.H.I., Ant Wars, the VCs and Fiends of the Eastern Front.

Finley-Day started writing in 1968 for IPC’s War Picture Library and DC Thomson’s Commando Library.

He continued honing his writing skills on girls’ comics, working alongside Pat Mills and John Wagner, The ABC Warriors and Judge Dredd creators respecvely.

Finley-Day’s signature style is the hardbien solo acon hero, typically an embiered renegade male between 35 and 50 years old that became a defining feature of 2000 AD. In common with many creators of the day, his stories oen incorporated elements of contemporary popular movies or television programmes. Harry Twenty, for example, was an escape story set on a maximum-security prison orbing the earth, and had clear echoes of The Prisoner TV series, starring Patrick Mcgoohan.

He used to joke with his fellow creators that if McGoohan appeared at the recepon of the IPC building, he was not to be let upstairs.

Many of his creaons are now regarded as classic characters. Harry 20 on the High Rock was recently voted by readers of the 2000 AD review fan site the best self-contained series to have appeared in 2000 AD throughout its 28 year history, closely followed by Fiends of the Eastern Front. Finley-Day also wrote for 2000AD and the short-lived Acon tle under a number of pen-names.

Gerry was born in Dundee, Scotland and moved to Herordshire in England at the age of 14. He joined the Parachute Regiment TAVR in 1967, one of the reasons for joining was to gain military know-how for his writing. He is married to Linda and they have three children, Rory, Elise and Nicholas.